Bad Weather Blues

17 Jun

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It goes without saying, really, that we’ve had better weather than what we’ve been dealing with lately. For most of us that means days, weeks or even more away from the golf course. It’s like the old saying goes, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”, and that couldn’t be anymore true than it is for us here at Mountain Glen. Well sometimes you’ve just have to suck it up and get a quick round in, no matter how bad the weather. Are there really any tips or tricks to enjoying the game when the weather is sub-par though? There’s not a magic spell you can cast, believe us we’d use it to clear the weather up if there was one, but we happen to have a few ideas if you just can’t seem to wait the weather out.

The easiest thing you could possibly do, really anytime out, much less when you’ve made the decision to head out in not so great weather is to be prepared. This might be with an umbrella on hand or if space is an issue something as simple as an inexpensive poncho. Maybe you keep a dry set of clothes in the trunk of your vehicle just for emergencies. Keeping things on hand for when you do need them rather than wishing you had them when the situation arises is just smart planning and can make an unfortunate situation tolerable if you do happen to get caught off guard by some surprise bad weather.

Next thing worth mentioning for ill weather scenarios doesn’t even involve the interaction with the weather itself as much as the mindset going into it. If you’re going into a poor weather situation expecting to perform in the same way you do in perfect settings you’re behind before you even get started. It may seem obvious but you need to adjust your game and thinking accordingly for the weather. Make solid contact vs going for the usual power, keep the spin to a minimum, maintain your balance…all these will add up to what should be a respectable score in the end. We can be direct when it comes to score in these situations, it’s not going to be the best score of your life but you’ll feel better about braving the storm if you come back in with at least a respectable number.

At Mountain Glen we’re firm believers in having an enjoyable time when we’re out on the course even in spite of not so enjoyable conditions. We understand folks are different with their own games and certain individuals take the game more serious than others but, wherever you happen to fall on that particular scale, it doesn’t mean playing in adverse conditions are any more enjoyable for one person than the next. How you allow undesirable weather to affect you is a choice, however, once you’ve decided to go ahead and put yourself out there. Stay dry/warm/comfortable as best you can, keep your game solid/consistent and try to enjoy yourself as much as possible. Let’s face it, if you want to be miserable about golf you can do it indoors where it’s dry and warm. In our eyes a day on the course is better than no day on the links at all.

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