Enjoying Your Worst Round of Golf

7 May

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Some days are better than others and that goes double once you step on the golf course. One day you may have felt you could conquer the world with your driver and the next day you’re being cut down to size on the putting green. At the end of the day, everyone’s goal on the course is to try and have a good time, regardless of how serious you take the game personally. So how do you find the joy in shooting that heartbreaking 105 two days after you shot a 65?

An easy way to make the most out of even the worst game of your life is to keep a record for yourself. For one reason or another, most folks are going to frequent a particular course more than another, maybe it’s the distance from home that is the deciding factor. The course you play on a regular basis is a great example of where keeping a record of personal bests can come in handy. If the 17th hole on your favorite course is the one you always bogey on, but today you managed to knock it out with a hard earned birdie, than the 95 you finished with doesn’t feel quite so bad. Sometimes it’s the small battles you conquer, and you can win the war on another day.

If you’re 4 holes in and you already know that today isn’t going to be your day, some folks would just head back to the clubhouse right then and there. Those are the days you need to hammer down and change up your overall goal. Sure, your score is already in the garbage, but what can you gain from that round? Knowing where you need improvement makes this situation ideal. Use the rest of your game to work on those skills. With your score out of mind, you’ll be able to practice those otherwise tricky shots with no added pressure. That particular day may be nothing to brag about, but the next time out when you’re playing the game of your life and you pull off that ridiculous shot you were able to prepare for because of that throw away round the previous week, you’ll be thankful for the extra practice it gave you.

At the end of the day, you’re going to want the game to be fun, regardless of the final score. Avoid going out by yourself and taking it too serious. If you’re with some pals and you take it one hole at a time, you’re not only going to have a more enjoyable day, but your overall score will probably improve as well. It’s easy to get caught up in every shot, become frustrated and your numbers are going to reflect that. Just keep in mind that the game is bigger than one bad shot and you’ll be hitting those low numbers in no time.

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