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20 Jul

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The love of golf can be described as a love like no other. We don’t really mean for that last sentence to sound as facetious as it does, but it’s true when you think about it. Everyone’s love for the game is different, be it the competition, the solidarity for those who prefer to go it alone or maybe the comradery for those that enjoy it as a group. Whatever the reason, however, we’d find it hard pressed to locate anyone who doesn’t believe they could improve their game somehow though. The question is what are you actually doing about it?

Although we’ve got some pro’s that come through and help out here at Mountain Glen from time to time, not everyone is comfortable having someone else point out the flaws in their game. At the same time, there are folks who are aware of needed fixes, but for one reason or another continue to drive on, believing the problems will somehow fix themselves. Well, you probably know as well as I do that one way or another you’re not going to improve unless you make the effort.

Whatever your need or whatever your problem, take the time to fix them. If this means, less time on the greens and more time at the range, than make the effort. If your short game is troublesome, take an hour or two working on your putt. We understand that you’d rather be out on the course involved in an actual game rather than piddle around with practice, but if it means as much to you as we think it does, you’ll take the time.

If you haven’t figured it out, we’re talking less about the how’s and more about the what’s. Really everyone’s trouble areas are too vast to touch on everything, so we’ll save step by step pointers for another time. We do want to point out that, whatever your problems may be, they won’t get better without trying. So there’s a reason you love the sport and there’s a reason you keep coming back for more, so if it means that much to you, you owe it to your game and yourself to be as good as you can make yourself. The win here is, after you’ve fixed one spot, you’re love is going to grow exponentially. The more you improve, the more you’ll enjoy the game…and isn’t that why you keep coming back in the first place anyway?

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