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7 Jul

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Whatever your reasons may be, we believe, wait, we KNOW we’re not alone in the want to play more golf than we already do. Sure, reasons can differ from one individual to the next between work, family and other responsibilities. There’s always a reason to be found that prevents someone from getting in a round when they possibly need it the most and that is perfectly understandable. How can you, at the least, make that opportunity a little more feasible should the chance to run a quick game present itself though?

A simple way to get more games in your personal log is to simply be prepared. You can’t go forward with scheduling a tee time knowing full well you’re supposed to be at work during that hour. However, what if you get lucky and are afforded an unexpected early end to a work day, only to realize all your gear is still at home? Keeping your clubs, a quick change of clothes and your shoes in the trunk of your vehicle are a perfectly feasible solution though. Simply being prepared should the chance present itself is an easy way to squeeze in a few extra holes. Much in the same manner as this previous example, being prepared for the unusual is an easy work around many folks don’t think about. Sure you have your regular group that normally plays together, but have you tried walking on as a single for a change? You may get in on another group that is short on players themselves and afford yourself some new friends that play on opposite days as the aforementioned group. It may be a tad out of your original comfort level, but it’s better than not playing at all.

A slightly more dedicated approach to more games is going to cost you a little. With this direction you have several options, one being to buy that new toy you’ve had your eye on. A new club or a special tool you normally wouldn’t want to shell out for is an easy way to justify to yourself that you should play more. You can’t spend the money and than let it sit in the garage and collect dust can you? Another way to more time on the greens, could possibly be at home already waiting. Be it a spouse or maybe one of your children, introducing someone new to the game is a win win either way. Worst case they’re flattered you thought to invite them for a change but don’t want to join or better yet you’ve given someone else the golf bug by introducing them to the game and you’re never short a partner again. Either way, these put you on the course even if it means a little less in your wallet.

As we mentioned before, there is always an excuse for not playing as much as we like. Be your reasons justifiable ones or maybe put on you by your own doing, there is always a work around to be found. Much like landing that awesomely long distance drive behind a poorly placed obstacle, you need to find a way to make the situation work for you. It may take some fancy maneuvering from time to time but at Mountain Glen Golf Course we like to think that if you’re at least making the effort, the ball is going to find its way to the hole eventually.

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