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10 Jun

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For most of us it’s easy to take the game a little too serious sometimes. We obsess over a certain hole, or overthink a putt and depending on if things go our way or not, our entire day could possibly be ruined. Here at Mountain Glen we’re no different than anyone else, we have our overly-serious games like anyone else. How do you get out of the mindset that every outing is an end all be all though?

Sometimes you just need to be of the mindset and remember that, after all, it is just a game. Chances are you first picked up a set of clubs for enjoyment, so sometimes it’s good to revisit that mindset. An easy way to recharge the fun in your game is as simple as throwing away your scorecard. Take a round, or maybe just a few of your more troublesome holes and simply don’t worry about keeping the score. You’ll indirectly be more focused with less pressure to just go out and make solid shots. If it’s a more difficult spot, with no score to worry about, you’ll be more open to just go for it without the worry of a miss. It sounds crazy but it’s possible you find something you weren’t doing before, that actually works and that you’ll be able to add to that score focused game the next time out.

Another way to take the pressure off is by dropping some of the weight. We’re not talking diet, we’re talking about that golf bag. If it’s you and a buddy or two, decide before you head out what the stipulations will be. Maybe you only go out with five clubs total, or maybe you get additional strokes off, dependent on how many clubs you use overall, (15 strokes off the top if you play the whole round with just two clubs!). It forces you to get a little creative and the fun of landing that “ridiculous” shot that should have never even been close otherwise. Or at the very least everyone, yourself included, gets a laugh for the feeble attempt you make with an otherwise stupid club choice. It makes you think of the “shot” instead of just going through the motions of picking the “correct” club and using your normal swing like any other outing. It’s fun because of how ridiculous it is and still keeps the competition stiff because everyone is still trying to out shoot their buddy.

These example might seem farfetched but if you’re stuck in a rut and have lost a little enthusiasm for the game because of how hard you are on yourself it may help you make the turn back to enjoyment. This is in no way an advocation for every time you step on the green but at the same time can still put a little spice back into the game for yourself. Even in a limited setting you can use some of these tactics daily though. Let’s say you’re weekly get together ends in a tie. Normal folks may just head to the practice green and putt for a tie-breaker…which is a simple solution we agree. However, what if under the same circumstances and same tie-breaking scenario instead of putting you “shoot” the ball, basketball style, from 30 feet out with the closest shot to the hole or whoever sinks one first being that days winner. It seems like a fun idea. ***steps away from the keyboard “swishing” arm in the air, Michael Jordan style***

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